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Workflow Manager Farms for SharePoint 2013 Switching an existing farm to use Domain CA issued certificates

In the previous parts of this article we covered the core concepts along with high availability, certificate and SharePoint considerations for Workflow Manager Farms, and the end to end configuration using Auto Generated Certificates. If you are not familiar with this material, make sure to read it before continuing as I assume you have done so!

This part will cover switching the existing Workflow Manager farm to using Domain CA issued certificates.

Whilst this part is intended as primarily step by step configuration guidance, I will take the opportunity to also explain a few things which didn’t make sense to cover in part one, particularly in the realm of Domain CA issued certificates.

As we are taking the environment from the end of part two and changing it up to make use of Domain CA issued certificates, it’s essential you are familiar with the sample scenario environment and configuration detailed in part two! This part is also useful to demonstrate the tasks necessary when updating the Workflow Manager (and Service Bus) configuration.